Thursday, October 27, 2016

A&E documentary used MAP's serial killer algorithm

The Murder Accountability Project has cooperated with the producers of the Arts and Entertainment Network’s documentary series “The Killing Season.” Investigators for A&E wanted to search for previously undetected serial killings among America's more than 220,000 unsolved homicides.

The eight-episode project ran from Nov. 12 through Dec. 3, 2016. Under direction of Academy Award-winning Executive Producer Alex Gibney, documentarians Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills investigate some of the most infamous unsolved serial killer cases of our time starting with the Gilgo Beach killings on Long Island.  

The producers asked if MAP would apply its serial victim search algorithm (available for download at Data & Docs) to recent unsolved homicides and sent a camera crew to Cleveland and the site of significant cluster of unsolved killings along or near 93rd Street. MAP was featured in the 6th and 8th episodes. To see more about the series: